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    Contact information:
        Jim C. Williams
        President and Founder
        +1-818-633-5181 (m)
        +1-714-223-2722 (o)

Selected papers and links:

Download a copy of the MediaSandS brochure for an easy to share summary of the contents of this website.

In July 2011, Jim Williams authored "Clouds and Home Networks - Friends or Foes" to emphasize the importance of understanding the interrelationships of these models during business and technology strategic planning.  This paper provided background and quotes for a Telecom Asia article by John Tanner entitled "At home in the cloud".

In an interview published in the Thomson Security Newsletter - Spring 2009, Jim Williams recounts his first foray into content security while at DIRECTV, describes his then-present initiatives as CTO of the MPAA and lays the groundwork for what would eventually become the mission of MediaSandS.

In October 2008, Jim Williams delivered a keynote address to the Global Forum in Athens, Greece entitled "Content Protection Enables Consumer Choice", which lays out the Hollywood perspective on the importance of DRM to the global digital economy.

In March 2008, Jim Williams spoke at the Tech Policy Summit addressing the sensitive topic of filtering pirated content on the Internet as reported in this CNET article entitled "MPAA to broadband providers : Pull the plug on pirates."

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